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My Journey to Naturality…Again

So I’m heading back into the world of natural hair, again. I first transitioned in 2010 for about 6 months before doing my big chop. Initially I was thrilled to have natural hair after having permed hair for the past ten years. It was great. My curls were about the circumference of a sharpie and were clearly defined. I was head over heals in love with my hair. The only issue that I was having was the length. Even though when I pulled my hair it was down to my shoulders, it still looked and acted like a twa(tinie weenie afro). So trying to style it was quite a challenge for me as I was used to having long hair all my life. After a while I just got tired of how short my hair looked so I permed it. I do truly believe that natural hair is a thousand times healthier that permed hair so I’m transitioning again. This time I have decided to transition for two years or so before I cut it. I really want it to be past my shoulders by the time I cut it. After that I intend to grow dread locks. I’d love to hear from other natural, straight, transitioning people!


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